I am an all round addiction recovery specialist with a special interest in porn addiction and the porn industry. The Porn Addiction Recovery Kit is the first of many Recovery and Mediation Kits I will be creating – for all types of addictions – for addicts and their loved ones.

I am also a square peg in a round hole. Most recovering addicts usually are. We just don’t fit into normal society anymore once we get clean of our wet, dry and/ or behavioral drugs. And not because society has rejected us either but because we tell it like it is. We see through BS and usually have no time for small talk or small mindedness. Having an energy in us that wants to drive us to jails, institutions and/ or death means life in recovery has to take on a whole different perspective than when we were in active addiction.

BilliI don’t have anything cracked when it comes to addiction recovery though despite being long term clean and sober from many wet, dry and behavioral drugs – including porn. No-one in recovery can say they have anything cracked because there is no cure for addiction – seeing as there is no cure for the human condition… I’ve simply just “fed the right wolf” within me for a long time now. What I AM  top drawer cracked in though is the psychology of addiction and addiction recovery and am fluent in what tools are available for staying clean and sober on a daily basis – and how and when to use those tools.

I am fascinated by – and have always worked with – all those our world brushes under its collective carpet – mentally ill people; criminals; asylum seekers; addicts; homeless people; victimized people of all types… There’s something hugely authentic about people like this that I am always drawn to because they rarely live behind the masks most people hide behind.

I do have professional qualifications but they are meaningless to me. All as they show is that I was able to retain knowledge long enough to (eventually) pass the many exams I have taken through the years. I say “eventually” because I failed a few due to the pressures of trying to juggle both addiction and study during my younger years. No easy task I can tell you.

billi-2My REAL education was spent in the many underbellies of our society working with the outcasts I mentioned earlier and in the gutters I too found myself in when I was an outcast myself in the bowels of numerous rock bottom addiction situations.

I am married to Tony – my best friend – a recovering alcohol addict who barely got out of his addiction alive – unlike many other members of his family who died of their addiction – some in deeply distressing circumstances. Sadly, the romance did not survive all the serial relapsing the addiction brought but the friendship did and why we stay, and will always remain, married – despite living in different homes. He is my rock and I am his. We have no “beautiful kids” together. Thank God since I never wanted any.

My children are my dreams which are many and varied – one of which is to demystify addiction and addiction recovery worldwide. Maybe once I’m through in this life, there’ll be less chance of hearing about world leaders such as Rodrigo Duterte talking about murdering 3 million addicts in his country – the Philippines – to “clean up” the problem of addiction his country has. Such a lazy approach to the problem – to say the least.

Another dream is to inspire as many recovering addicts as I can to fulfill lifelong dreams and not die with their music still in them. Recovery should just be the beginning of this wonderful journey called life…