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Billi Caine

Porn Addiction, Porn Creep and Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.)

“Porn creep” is defined as “a condition that results from the constant or excessive watching of pornographic material. It is characterised by an inability to get an erection under circumstances that do not involve the watching of pornographic material.”

Erectile dysfunction (or E.D.) is the inability to develop or maintain an erection in males and is rampant in those with a pornography addiction in our Internet Age – far more so than was the case pre-Internet.

Disturbingly, what my 2 year research into porn addiction found over and over again was adult males who were not only virgins but who also suffered from extreme erectile dysfunction.

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Own Your Magnificence in Recovery: Get Out of Your Own Way

If Infinite or Universal Intelligence/ God/ ‘Good Orderly Direction’ (an acronym for God if you are an atheist)/ the Higher Power/ the Universe – or whatever word you give for something bigger than your ego – was a lava lamp, then we as humans are miniature globules within the whole of that lava lamp. We are grains of sand on a beach with the whole beach being ‘All That Is’. As lava lamp globules or grains of sand, we each inherit a tiny drop of magnificence from the ‘Whole’ by right of being born human.

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Just Keep Doing the Next Right Thing in Recovery

As we begin our journey into recovery from active addiction of any kind, it can seem hugely overwhelming at first – and for a long while after – to do life drug free. We nearly always end up doing ‘future thinking’ – imagining all the occasions in life where our drug used to live and fret (to say the least) about how we will cope in those moments went our drug won’t be there. Taken to the extreme, a good example of this is when a 21 year old alcohol addict entering recovery, say, worries about a child who does not even exist yet getting married 30 years from now and 

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Porn is the New Twisted Therapy for Porn Addicts

My research into porn addiction found that pornography is fast becoming a sort of twisted therapy for people in relation to any issues they have in their lives. For instance, a person could escalate to watching “mother and son” or “father and daughter” porn if that person has unresolved issues with a parent and was not dealing with it via more healthy routes such as talking therapies. One young man I came across in my research whose mother died when he was a child – watches “mother and son” pornography and can now no longer visit her grave because of the deep shame he feels. Black people can (and do) escalate to watching “racial humiliation” porn as a response to racist experiences in real life; people who are frightened of punk rockers or Goths often end up watching porn involving them; people who were bullied at school end up escalating to

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Loved Ones: Your First Duty is to Yourself

This blog post is aimed mainly at female loved ones of addicts. That is not to say that the co-dependent experiences of male loved ones of addicts are any less valid or any less painful  than female experiences. They are.  Or that the core message in this blog post does not apply to males. It does.  Just that females are conditioned in very different ways in our society to the way males are

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R.I.P. Pornography Historian Bill Margold


Billi Margold – porn historian, ex-porn performer and industry veteran, former Director of The Free Speech Coalition (the trade arm of the porn industry) and member of the AVN Hall of Fame – sadly – I’ve just heard – died on the 17th January this year aged 73 whilst he was in the middle of his radio show. There was a lot that I disagreed with when it came to Bill Margold’s views to do with the porn industry, but I DEEPLY RESPECTED the man for what he did to advocate for porn performers and why I am writing this blog post today.

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