Celebrating Love in Recovery

Since today is Valentines Day, I wanted to celebrate those current or ex couples who have gone a few rounds with the Beast that is addiction and come out the other side of that baptism of fire. As we can all testify, addiction is a respecter of no-one and nothing so for two people to survive to a place where there is still love between them – platonic or romantic – then my hat is off to them both.

Some couples do make it romantically if both of them are solidly on the path of recovery. If that is you… Fantastic. Good luck to you both. If you keep your side of the street clean one day at a time and stay focused on just your own business and not your partners, there is no reason on earth why you can’t go the distance in your relationship.

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Are Your Children Watching Porn in School?

I came across this Buzzfeed.com webpage from August 2014 the other day about what the Top 13 Most Popular Porn Sites were in the world. Intrigued by who the visitors were to each of these websites – in my continuous journey to understand more about porn addiction – I decided to do some digging in Alexa.com. I was utterly stunned by what I found.

The bottom line was that 11 out of the 13 sites (all Tube sites) mentioned had the browsing location of visitors as ‘School’. I made THIS VIDEO to show the audience demographics for each of the 13 sites to explain more fully what I mean.

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Fear Can Kill Us

As recovering addicts, our lives depend upon which vibration we give our attention to on a moment by moment and daily basis – fear or trust.  Fear sends us backwards and is subject to the urge of death whereas trust moves us forward and is subject to the urge of life.

By fear I am referring to the acronym for F.E.A.R – “Forgetting Every Available Resource”. Often when we are in fear, we do exactly that. We forget we have an abundance of resources – both internally (ie: our higher selves or soul) as well as externally (ie: support networks of various types) we can use to move us away from that which is trying to get us

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Breaking Away From the Past

Okay so none of us have an unblemished past. Because of the nature of active addiction, we often find ourselves acting more out of our lower self than higher self. That just comes with the territory of addiction as addicts nearly always have self hatred and fear as the blood stream of their addiction(s) – myself included back in the day. It’s also the case that addicts are very often damaged people even before they become addicted to a wet, dry or behavioral drug and then become far more so as their addiction careers progress. This often leaves addicts in a position where they intentionally or unintentionally damage others because hurt people hurt people. That’s just a fact of life.

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The Wisdom of Addiction

Living as we do in a world filled with pain and suffering, there is a certain wisdom to addiction. It is a pain killer for that pain and helps us get through this journey called life, and let’s face it; life on earth right now is getting more complicated by the day isn’t it?

Being a particularly sensitive and highly empathic person, I have struggled my whole life being in human form on this earth plane and found it miraculous

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Man Has Sex With Bus Seats… WHY????

Earlier this month, a London bus driver was suspended after video footage emerged showing him acting out sexually, in broad daylight, with 2 bus seats on the top deck of the bus he had been driving. Here’s the full story and video

So… what would possess a man to do this? Okay, I can understand how a man could do something like this in private but why in public knowing someone could easily see him? To me there is only one answer – he is a porn addict – and an escalated one.

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