Dare to Dream

When I was imprisoned on a lock ward of a mental hospital for 3 weeks in 1995 with cannabis psychosis, the only dream I had was to escape. 18 years later and my dreams are very different. One massive dream I have is to help empower addicts and their loved ones the world over to awaken and come alive to their potential so that when they leave this plane, every bud of creativity within them has budded and every flower .

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A Powerful Lesson From A Baby Bird

My newly hatched baby birdYesterday my cat brought home a baby bird – newly hatched – although it had been well fed in the short time it had been alive as it was nice and fat. Its eyes had still not opened and it was mainly bald on its body. It had a few puncture holes on its body from my cat’s teeth but apart from that wasn’t badly injured (although the bacteria in a cats mouth from one of its bites is potentially lethal to wildlife.)

I gave it a few hours to recover from the shocks of both having fallen out of its nest AND being caught by my cat

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We Teach People How To Treat Us

We teach people how to treat usWhether we realize it or not, our every action, verbal or non-verbal, teaches and trains people how to treat us – whether that is a loved one or a public entity such as a government or the media.

When we feel like we are the filth under the shoe of life as many active addicts do, we give off low self esteem vibes which tell people to treat us accordingly. Likewise, when we are flowing with humble self love and soul-filled confidence when we are thriving in our recovery, we give off the polar opposite vibes which tell people to treat us

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Taking the Rough with the Smooth

A teenage violated by Max HardcoreLife can bring 4 seasons in one day sometimes. This morning I had to drag myself through rough research on the pornography industry and study of Max Hardcore in particular – legendary porn producer who takes great pride in the work he does initiating new teenage porn performers into the industry by defiling, degrading, abusing, “consentually raping” and brutalizing them. He says they are “gagging for” (or words to that effect) this type of brutal sex. Does this Max Hardcore initiate look

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Gratitude is the Key

Having an attitude of gratitudeG.K. Chesterton once wrote “I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” I know now what he means by that after many years of struggling to understand the purpose of gratitude. At first I thought gratitude was about people pleasing some deity which I took great exception to… “Why on earth does “God” need us humans bowing

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Take Your Broken Wings and Learn To Fly

Billi's Wedding3 weeks before my wedding in the woods in November 2011, my then fiancé had a relapse of his alcohol addiction. He was admitted to hospital on a drip and had severe delirium tremors after 16 days of the bender. He was in bad shape but not as bad as the man in the next bed who was carried out in a box heading for the mortuary. He made the wedding on the 16th December by the skin of his teeth. I went through with the wedding to honor my promise of being his official next of kin

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