Beware of the Dangers of Self Pity

Don't allow yourself to be seduced by self pitySelf pity is part of the DNA of addiction. It is often one of the things which fuels it when in active addiction and something which recovering addicts have to be very careful of indulging in when they enter recovery. The alcoholism recovery movement talk about “poor me, poor me, pour me a drink”. They are very clued up on the dangers of self pity. They feel this emotion should have a skull and crossbones on it due to it’s potential to take them back to the drink.

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We Are Only As Sick As Our Secrets

secretsSecrets keep us sick. As recovering people it is imperative that we live in clean inner waters if we are to stay spiritually well and clean of our addiction(s). By “spiritually well”, I am not talking about religion or the traditional view of God… I am talking about being at peace with the higher self… that still small voice that guides us how to live a life that adds light – not dark – to the world.

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We have lift off!

seagullsI am thrilled to be launching both myself, and my website today – 18 years to the day since I was discharged from a lock ward in a psychiatric hospital having had cannabis psychosis. My aim? TO STOP THE AGENDA OF ADDICTION  from destroying all it touches by helping to heal addicts of all types and their loved ones.

I was born to do this. At first, I hugely resisted answering the call from the Universe to take this journey.

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