My Top 3 Recovery Tools For Dealing With Stress in Recovery

14th September 2016

Here’s my top 3 addiction recovery tools for dealing with stress of any description when in recovery:

1. Deep Breathing from the Stomach

Deep breathing from the stomach helps reduce stress almost instantly. By breathing deeply from the stomach, we automatically get our mind, body and spirit more in synch with each other. This then frees us up to come at any anxiety producing situation from a more balanced perspective. Here is a very short video guiding us how to do the stomach breathing exercise with ease.

2. Using Affirmations

Nature hates a void. Meaning that unless we are consciously choosing positive life affirming thoughts, negative life constricting thoughts will automatically jump in to fill the gap in our psyches. So, when stressed we need to carefully choose what we fill our minds with. Enter affirmations. Here is a great article from the Master of Affirmations herself – Louise Hay – explaining more about them.

3. Practising Gratitude

Practising gratitude is a wonderful way of turning any negative situation into a positive one. We don’t practise gratitude to be servile to a God. We do it to turn on the switch to a more positive vibration because without that positive vibration, we will never move out of the stressful mindset or situation we are in. Period. Like attracts like. That’s the science behind the Law of Vibration.

Bringing all 3 tools together will give us a sense of balance and empowerment in ANY stressful situation – even for something as truly challenging as the terminal illness of a family member say. It does not mean, by using affirmations for example, that we are being Pollyanna-ish (pretending things are okay when they clearly are not). But what the 3 tools WILL do is help us come at any situation life may hit us with from a more positive perspective. And this, of course, will help us stay clean of our wet, dry or behavioral drug(s) regardless of what is going on in our life.

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